Save money on accommodation at the hotel "Hotel 19"

Plan everything in advance is a great feature of character. And especially for cautious guests “Hotel 19” offers a special “early booking” with breakfast. So guests who book a room for more than 5 or 10 days prior to arrival can count on a good discount rate.

With the new service, customers are able to take care of accommodation on arrival in advance, without problems of finding the hotel and in addition to save money on hotel bills.

Booking room on weekend days from Friday to Sunday for at least 5 days before arrival gives a special price with 15% discount

When booking on weekdays from Monday to Thursday for at least 10 days before arrival will receive a discount of 12%

VAT 18% already included in the payment of room with discount. In case of cancellation of reservations for action “Early booking” hotel reserves the right to withhold payment in advance.

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